cisco vs Lynn part 2


http://www.wormblog.com/2005/08/cisco_ios_flaw_.html   very good analysis of the cisco incident

and the viewpoint of his lawyer Jennifer Granick is the executive director of the Stanford Law School Centre for Internet and Society. I saw her work as counsel for the defense at the great hacker court at Black Hat 2003. She is now Mike Lynn's attorney, and she is posting her side of the story at her blog, The Shout http://www.granick.com/blog/

meanwhile the website of cisco has been breached, cisco passwords and of its clients may be compromised and so on http://msmvps.com/donna/archive/2005/08/04/61582.aspx If you do something like cisco did on the hackers-security event defcon against the cult-person in his sector, than you can expect this, especially as it is all over the net and every community-sensitive hacker will receive this 'call to arms'. Hope the damage to the internet won't be the same as when linux people wrote viruses to attack sco when they started the legal proceedings about the linuxcode.

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