security situation going yellow second time

The security situation at the internet is worsening at a very fast rate - although we were becoming accustomised to low profile worms, permanent attacks against websites, vulnerabilities and exploits - without one becoming so worldwide spread that they were being recognised as worldwide dangers.
The plug n play patch from Microsoft (http://patch.skynetblogs.be)  has now been the detonator and maybe we will stay longer in yellow, just to keep people awake. The problem is that after a while as their is no immediate and worldwide danger, security resources and funds and attention is more difficult to get. Now this is different.
The internet storm center says it hopes it can get back to green very fast, but I do not see any sense in this at this moment. Let's recognize that the security situation at the internet is not safe (green, you may ride) but yellow (ride, but with caution) and green is something we dream about, but that is still far away.

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