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Microsoft doesn't know it yet - or they don't know how to communicate it yet, but they have now in house the most attractive tool for its users to set up interactive tools and services without spending too much money for the small guys and without all the management and security hassle for the big guys (it even integrates with citrix for those who want extranet positions).
If you buy a windows 2003 server (and you should be crazy not to upgrade - but be sure to have a machine with service pack 1 already up and running) than you can have a free package of sharepoint services for FREE. And what is more Microsoft gives you all kind of templates for online services for FREE and what is even more open source minded, there is a whole community of people helping each other and developing things for FREE. (well, a creative commons license is also fine with me). They just need the guys and infrastructure I think to get this supported and going.
I was looking at wiki software for this and blogsoftware for that and projectmanagementsoftw for this and online photo software for this and I don't need all this
For all those insecure php servers getting hacked every day It means you can install your services on a windows 2003 server behind a firewall, place in your dmz only a reverse proxy 2003 server on port 80 with links to the different servers, activate on your firewall application defense and sleep well at night.
Here are some sharepoint links (because this is also a mess I hope they will clean up and get better organised)

 Windows SharePoint Services
Now available for download at no additional charge, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services technology in Windows Server 2003 is an integrated portfolio of collaboration and communication services designed to connect people, information, processes, and systems both within and beyond the organizational firewall.
with service pack1

top 10 reasons to use sharepoint

how others are using it

explains the difference between the sharepoint services and the sharepoint portal

what is the relationship between sharepoint and office

requirements for sharepoint 2003 services

try it for free on this hosted sharepoint application

this is an example of everything that can be done with sharepoint
web services

free sharepoint backup scripts

much more free information and tools for sharepoint services

free templates for sharepoint webservices by microsoft of which (free!!!!!!!)

 Absence and Vacation Schedule
 Board of Directors
 Case Work Management
 Change Management
 Classroom Management
 Competitive Intelligence
 Employee Activities Site
 Employee Timesheet and Scheduling
 Employee Training
 Event Coordination
  Expense Reimbursement
 Help Desk
 HR Programs and Services
 IT Developer Team Site
 Legal Document Review Workflow
 Loan Initiation Management
 Marketing Campaigns
 Meeting Management
 New Product Development
 Performance Review
  Professional Svcs Contracts
 Professional Svcs Site
 Project Team Site
 Public Official Activity
 Public Relations Work Site
 Publication Editorial Review
 Recruiting Resource Center
 Request for Proposal Management
 Room and Equipment Reservation
 Travel Request


administrator guide
or view on the web here

the helpfile for sharpoint is here

sharepoint community of users

all most frequent questions for support

and did I hear the word Citrix ----- well CITRIX and Sharepoint is ......

One of the most exciting things I saw at Citrix iForum Edinburgh this year was a demo of a SharePoint web part from Citrix that will allow a SharePoint site to act as a web interface into Presentation Server farms. (This is called "WISP" for "Web Interface for SharePoint.") Using WISP will be much simplier than trying to strip down the existing Web Interface to stick into a generic SharePoint HTML web part.
citrix to integrate sharepoint services

did someone say TIF

KnowledgeLake Connect is a configurable desktop application that enables users to easily index, store and retrieve any document, within any desktop application to SharePoint. KnowledgeLake Connect eliminates the conventional multi-step, manual process that standard SharePoint constructs require, replacing it with a fully integrated and automated solution.
Creates an interactive connection to/from SharePoint to any desktop application
Right click and send to/My SharePoint option for any document
Connect to a SharePoint Site using Multiple Credentials
Simplified SharePoint Library browsing
Local Caching of SharePoint documents at user definable periods
TIF Documents (Automated Store and retrieval) Other Document types (Store only)

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