and this was a low level virus TOXBOT

http://news.com.com/Dutch+police+nab+suspected+bot+herder...  The dutch cyberpolice have arrested three youngsters that made a bot (toxbot http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.toxbot.html) and a botnet of about 100.000 computers that attacked with DDOS other sites that didn't pay them or stole creditinfo. They made new versions now and than.
this is another proof that the dangerlevel set by the antiviruscompanies is very dangerous because it doesn't show the real dangers behind this infection. Every virus with a trojan or botnet aspect or self-updating function is dangerous at the highest level. Period.
I don't have the time to go through every virus description, so the blog virus will be stopped due to this changed situation.
Are bots and botnets taking over ? Yes, slowly and steadily ? Does the media see it ? NO.
That is why the ISP's will more and more have to filter and block certain kinds of traffic. Period. And only accept pc's with an antivirus and firewall as clients.

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