the internet meltdown - cont'd

Another story about the possibility of an internet meltdown is that the US want to take control over the net and would like to cut a country out of the net if that is deemed necessary and that as a reaction other countries or regions would also dissolve the peer2peer agreements.
well, it is all bluff
Nobody has any interest in the meltdown of the net. Yeah, infrastructure builders and hosting-companies (because you will need to host your site in all countries seperately).
the other version of the meltdown of the web is that there are not enough IP adresses (since nearly 5 years now.....) and that hackers would bring down the infrastructure (yeah, and the governments and the ISP's doing nothing ?-). Someone also said that there would be too much traffic, but that is no problem, there is still enough capacity from the internet bubble, waiting to be used.
go ahead, buy that computer and connect, the net is there for some years to come

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