internetvoting in belgium tested in 2006

I am not very sure if the advisors of the secretary of state know what they are talking about, but internetvoting can't be secured - period. Anyone who knows anything about security knows that it is impossible to make it so secure that there will never be any doubt whatsoever about the way the election will be handled over the internet. This is the conclusion after years of research in the VS and with experiments - even by the military.
Some things don't need to be internetted just for the sake of it. They can be made more technological. They can be made more efficient, but you can't do everything over the net (have a real meaningful social life for example because you can't feel the warmth). And if a bank or an ecommerce is hacked, the consequences may be great, but they are still limited. The economy can't break because of it (because there is still a real economy). If the outcome of an election is not accepted because of tampering with internet votes, machines, transactions or because of simple technical difficulties, than the democracy itself is at stake. How many democrats believe that there was no tampering with the election results in Florida or Ohio ? The first being by paper, the second by computers ?
The only way to overcome this is with a paperproof, recounting the papers and by having a seperate network with dedicated machines that aren't used for anything else with huge defenses online and by guards and so on, with copies of the vote being transferred to different machines (to be sure there would be no tabulation manipulation in a specific machine or votes being 'lost).
And then the question is ? Is it all worth it ?
Lets go out and vote and meet the neighbours, friends, ..... have a meal together and enjoy this wonderful day of democracy and friendship. Something many people have died for and still die for.
How many hours would we win ? How many more people would vote ? And how many wouldn't or couldn't do the internetvote ?
Easier would be to let people vote in the city they live, not the city that is written on their identitycard.(for example students) That would be a real test that can be solved by technological means with little investment and a huge effect.

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