Nessus goes closed source - open source version goes debian

Renaud Deraison, the primary author of the Nessus vulnerability scanner, broke the news in a message to the software's e-mail list Wednesday. "Nessus 3 will be available free of charge...but will not be released under the GPL," or General Public License, Deraison wrote. Nessus, which Deraison says is used by 75,000 organizations worldwide, scans networks for vulnerabilities.
Virtually nobody has ever contributed anything to improve the scanning engine over the last six years," he wrote, noting that there had been minor exceptions
When i looked at the open source version I saw it was only being developed for debian. THis is not an option for a serious company because we had experience with securitytools running on debian that learnt us that this OS is not made for such work in a high-volume environment.
Sourcewire is being bought by Checkpoint at the same time, I hope this will make it easier to find support and tools for Sourcewire and to integrate its tools with Checkpoint. I only have two eyes.
Question is who will follow ? NMAP ? N-TOP ?

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