Telindus, TELENET and Belgacom drama

The telecomsector in Belgium is in deep array with public telecomcompany Belgacom having launched an OPA on the biggest belgium international IT services company Telindus and Telenet the flemish, semi-public TV-Telephone-Internet Cable Firm being launched on the stockmarket
http://bourse.cash.symexbelgium.com/fichevaleur.html?tick... Telenet on the Stockmarket. The stock is crashing and while the CEO and the major stockholders have sold their parts at a  more or less expected price (20Euro), the small investors, hyped up by their banks are beginning to pannick. This firm never made any money, has more debt than it is worth and could lose all if under public pressure the politicians decide to open the cabledistribution for competition (they have hiked the price with 150 euro's this year, made it a hassle for people with older tv's to receive all their channels and have eliminated 8 channels of which CNN of their normal cabletv-offer without any compensation).
and still going down, down, down
If you think your bank has given you wrong information about the stock of telenet, than you can complain here http://www.ombfin.be/

Belgacom on the Stock exchange
Telindus on the stock exchange 
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Flemish forum of investors with analysis and rumors

Het wordt hoog tijd de onze vriend Duco (CEO Telindus) zijn verkochte aandelen aan de huidige prijzen terugkoopt. Als hij enig vertrouwen heeft in zijn eigen bedrijf kan dit toch geen probleem zijn hé. Hij doet dan twee keer winst (gedekt short gegaan) Laten wij het hem allemaal even vragen op duco.sickinghe@telenet.be

http://bourse.cash.symexbelgium.com/fichevaleur.html?tick...  telindus stock

http://www.beursduivel.be/actueel.php?page=nieuws  beursnieuws

http://www.beursduivel.be/actueel.php?page=bedrijf&na...  adviezen telindus

http://www.marketadvices.com/index.php?page=stock&id=...  Belgacom

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