ocmw site of Anvers hacked

and they were running a NT/windows 9x machine (really) IIS 4
back to the future ?  http://ocmw.antwerpen.be/
well they were in good company as a subsite of DEXIA http://www.dexia-societedecredit.be and their sister site dkb.be http://www.zone-h.org/en/defacements/mirror/id=3005888/
(the bank yes) was also running this wonderful highly recommended new software
and got defaced in the same time
but they got back online quicker
I hope they did a good forensic research to be sure that the defacer, hacker left nothing behind
isn't it time that such financial and commercials mention that they were hacked - defaced and lose security credentials in the same time, running IIS 4 on a financial site is just criminal

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