2 GIGA Hotmail BETA in AJAX - a new world of webmail

Would you like to go through webmail just as through your computer and treat mail just as it is another file on your computer - even if it is somewhere online in a mailbox. Would you just like to adapt the toolbars and the functions and be ready for xml and webservices. Well, than you have to test this, because probably somebody at Microsoft thought, lets test some of all these ideas floating around here and I hope they will continue (that's progress).

oh yes and another big mailprovider refused our integrator to give its api and mapi necessary to integrate new functionality and servers in the webbased interface and integrate that with our browsers. That firm is heading the Netscape way......  (that's history)

about ajax
one of the best discussion and info about ajax
the more I read about the more I like
but will it be protective against webbugs and malware scriptx
http://news.com.com/2102-1007_3-5886709.html?tag=st.util....  ajax, the web becoming the application

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