emeutes en France, blogs et culture gangsta

First, there is no civil war (just small groups putting fire to cars). Civil is war is something totally else, every african can explain this.
Second, 5 burn out cars in Brussels is no 'enlargement'. Just an incident.
More info that is a bit more 'in perspective'

Some blogs were desactivated because they were inciting more violence (http://permanent.nouvelobs.com/societe/20051107.OBS4439.h...
le site skyblog interdit and skyblogs did a good job, because they aren't even in the cache of Google). Racist websites have now all the propaganda to incite to counter-violence.
The violence began with gangsta culture gangsta rap français
and as google (the oracle) thought rightly exploded when the minister of interior reacted irresponsable (for his function) so 'emeutes' in Google brings you to him (the man who threw a sigarette in a gas station)
http://www.blogwaves.com/2005/11/sarkozy_et_les_.html  skargoogle named now

just as a reminder
- some of the firms that are burning are in the 'cites' because they don't pay any taxes for the next so many years, but don't employ any people living in these 'cités' and they don't find work elsewhere
- the places for 'social activities' that are burning are so small teenagers can only watch the elders using it to play cards without having other accomodation or activities
- the schools burning have been underfinanced since long and afterwards there is no follow-up for promising students (to get out of the ghetto)
- the desinvestment of the public services in those cites has been dramatic since the rightwing government took over
- the buildings were never meant to house so many people for so long time
- the local community policing efforts were replaced by more heavyhanded riotpolice from other cities who operated as if they were on 'hostile territory'
- I don't think the police tactics are what they ought to be against such small mobile attacks .
just to keep in mind that aside from all the manipulation and cowardness and uglyness the timebomb was just ticking away and exploded.
I am just amazed to see how the different parties increase the dangers for the democracy by dramatizing and organising 'counterdemonstrations' (against who, because the 'other' community by large doesn't play any part in these actions).
Another thing that amazes me is that already 1000 people have been arrested but there is still no end. How big is the army of nights ? Interesting to see that even the moslim 'brothers' and all the social workers have no effect whatsoever on the escalation..... another dogma that falls.

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