bloggers are no journalists, point final

This defacto ends the dispute, between the professional media and some in the blogger community, who wanted to have the same protection as professional journalists. They didn't get it and neither the accredition, even if they can get it from some organisers (the conventions for one thing). But most blogs aren't even news, they are the personal viewpoint or just made to attack a person or interest or to promote it.

http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2005/1114/128_print.html  how bloggers can become lynch mobs setting the news (by just recopying the same article or headline over and over again, so it looks like hype or popular and is being spotlighted by the searchrobots and later on the media) http://www.technorati.com/search/daniel+lyons  the response on the blogosphere on the article

http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2005/1114/128sidebar.html  being paid to put comments on your blogs as method. This is a much more serious allegation and it undermines the fundamental reason why newsblogs were started, to counterbalance the media, follow up on mediastories that would die otherwise or to highlight points that weren't mentioned in the media. There are even agencies where you now can rent bloggers, place links on links and so on. Mentioning it, doesn't make it alright. (or maybe it is a game like this hypemachine http://andrewwooldridge.com/myapps/webtwopointoh.html  go on the hype, build another blablabla company and empty pockets))

The last factor is that the newscycle has now be shortened to 2 hours due to the avalanche effect of the blogs (spreading news much faster over the web, just as viruses do).

So cut the crap, you maybe making something newsworthy, you maybe making news or think you are the news but you are not a journalist although you should have freedom of speech


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