they are after your money anyway

In many studies you will read nowadays that viruses have trojans (to connect to a server), keyloggers (to collect passwords), are part of a botnet (to do illegal things together) and try to keep away from the spotlight by launching many variants one after one that are indicated as being low-level because each time they infect only a few thousand pc's even if together the same virusfamily or botnet counts hundreds of thousands of infected computers.
Keylogging malware is on the way to setting a record in 2005, with 6,191 keyloggers unleashed, according to a study released this week by VeriSign iDefense. The number represents a 65 percent increase from the 3,753 keyloggers documented in 2004 and an astronomical increase over the 300 attacks recorded in 2000.
While the study found that only 16 percent of victims were required to pay for some of the fraudulent charges -- which averaged $4,000 per victim -- the greatest cost was in time. According to the study, victims spent an average of 81 hours trying to rectify the problem.

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