04 01 Western europe most infected by wmf that is number one virus in Belgium

 according to panda belgium is the country after Brasil in which they find the most generic wmf infections (and those detections are - in my experience - not very complete as they don't keep up with the new versions)
do not be misguided by the mention virus level of infection 2 (which seems low). in 2005 a botnet made by a level 2 bot was disbanded in Holland and researchers found that more than 1.5 million pc's were membered in this botnet - so infected. A botnet this large is very large and many of the bots are level 2......
and if I look http://enterprises.pandasoftware.com/virus_info/flash/map...  than I can presume that home-users are the biggest victims of this rampage as the infection rate grows after working hours in Europe
and if I go to belgium than I see that it is the number one virus in Belgium for the moment, infecting for the moment 1.5 % of all computers. If you know that there are 1 million computers online in Belgium.... that is a big botnet

the antivirus warnings from the central BIPT.Be in Belgium that had the duty to inform us mention this
22/11/2005 16:00
update : 23/11/2005 11:15


Risk : HIGH

but remember the flemish government made this institutions from the first of january 2006 without any power or function (because of some local radios) and no federal minister intervened.

We have although one of the best telecommunications laws that could have given the BIPT the power to coordinate with the ISP how to filter the traffic, block the criminal gangs and protect the users and firms.

You can thank the flemish government at

www.vlaanderen.be  for this shortsited and plain stupid action that will cost also its firms and citizens time and lots and lots of money

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