wmf crisis - the worst and how to be updated

I am not going to open new messages anytime something new comes around but will try to keep it organised in sections and change and actualise information as needed. This is not in the virusalerts.skynetblogs.be or the patch because it is one big crisis that needs a centralised approach (antivirus, security, patching etc.....) and as the situation hasn"t been so dangereous since years the only way to keep safe is to centralise your approach (network) and close everything down for the time being - until it is confirmed that the patch will work (although attacking metafiles and graphics-rendering opens a whole new ballgame of which we haven't seen the latest yet, I fear).
You will receive all changes by email if you subscribe to the update alert service
If you visit the blog you will see a date before the title of the messages about .wmf and that indicates the date of the latest changes
You can install the RSS headlines as http://ekz.skynetblogs.be/rss.php
the most dangerous time will be the weekend, beginning friday afternoon, a traditional time to send one or a whole series of new viruses or variants open in the wild
and if the worst is to come the Internet storm center has made a page setting out the options for networkadministrators
but it all comes down to one thing = disconnect from the net (and that is the thing to do with critical computers over the coming year)


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