Minister Verwilghen doesn't care about internet security

He doesn't because according to his cabinet (cited in smartbisuness) it isn't important that the BIPT has no legal basis to do anything now (even enforce its legal basis to oblige ISP's to offer free of charge antivirus and securitytools to its customers and to keep its pipes clean).

He has also not signed the decision to recrute 8 security officers to work at the BIPT to reinforce its network security center.


Do not look at his words, look at what he hasn't done ....yet.


If he would really care about networksecurity he would have searched a way to make the new telecomlaw applicable by using urgency powers or by getting the coordination agreement between the regions to be enforeced only for the security coordination. But that takes political courage, will, imagination and drive.....


for our overseas readers, BIPT is the administration that delivers and manages the right to be a networkprovider for which Minister Verwilghen is responsable and that should have been by the new telecom responsable for the coordination of networksecurity in Belgium, if there were no regional conflict over 'sic' radio's.

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