scare mongering doesn't help

the articles in the online press say 'FBI finds most firms got hacked' and when you read further it is not by near the case "

After a survey of over 2,000 companies, the FBI found that 87 percent of those polled admitted there had been some type of security attack. Within that group, 20 percent claimed they had been hit multiple times by 20 or more attacks.

Most common breaches were either a virus or some spyware penetrating the corporate network. More advanced attacks, including data sabotage and port scans, were less frequent, according to the report.  " http://news.yahoo.com/s/nf/20060120/bs_nf/41074


viruses and spyware are not necessarily hacking a network or data because even if you are infected and you have followed the normal rules of firewalling your network, than the data shouldn't have gotten out - even if you are infected. Portscanning is just daily stuff, annoying and something to keep an eye for and something your ISP should be able to block - without you asking or even paying for it, but it is not hacking. Maybe it can be a preparation for a hack attack but it is not the hack itself.


the dangers and real hacking are real and enormous and important and the security coordination and implementation on whatever level of government, business and the networkadministration are not up to defend our data against these threats, but fear mongering makes it just worse - even if you are called fbi

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