VOIP traffic to be used by botnets and hackers ?

attacks because VoIP runs continuous media over IP packets. The ability to dial in and out of VoIP overlays allows for control of an application via a voice network, making it almost impossible to trace the source of an attack. In addition, proprietary protocols - intended to protect a company's technology edge and prevent ISPs from blocking the VoIP application - inhibit the ability of ISPs to track DoS activity. Encryption for user privacy, peer2peer and a superpeer system to assist with call routing and NAT/Firewall traversal further obscure the command traffic http://www.communicationsresearch.net/news/news26jan06.html


well they are only beginning to talk and study security and unsecurity of VOIP (after selling thousands of installations to people who don't care that much about security) so what will be next ?


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