advantages, limitations and possibilities of Belgacom TV

Being fed up with the blackout of several of my popular tv stations by Telenet I switched to Belgacom TV and found that

- the picture was clear and stable

- the line was better after the upgrade

- 5 films are free to watch every month

- you rent your box for 6 euro each month instead of having to buy it

- it is much less anglophone than Telenet and makes it possible to rediscover french culture (we speak both languages at home) which is becoming very difficult in this cultural narrowing flanders (and being astonished afterwards that their youth can't speak french anymore.....)


the limitations are that we have to wait until the 15th of february to have radio stations and to record on the hard disk of the box and that you can't record programs on you vhs and I didn't find how to record with my dvd-r even if they say it is possible.


the possibities of adsl-tv are much greater than the narrow tv version they are giving now. It should and would be possible to push internet radio and tv or webcams to the tv if it would be cleaned and selected by intermediary belgacom servers. This will be the only way to be able to go up against the announced arrival of satellite tv in Flanders (but I want to see first if it works as promised).


by the way, selecting Telenet is selecting for a technological and capitalist monopoly because as they have no other players on the cable (there is only one player in a geographical zone) they can do as they like what they like when they like. If there would be several cable-operators (and for example one cabel infrastructure holding from which they would rent) than the choice would be different and Belgacom would be the monopoly.

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