hacking wireless belgium

as belgacom tv and telenet Digital tv are installing wireless modems for their new faster connections you should be amazed how many modems around you are being set up without any security and as windows has the stupid (stop this microsoft and you have a safer machine) intention of looking for any wireless station to connect to, you will find those automatically


just keep in mind that if you are being caught, belgian law if quite clear

and maybe it is your neighbour with which you have with in the same neighborhood afterwards


maybe belgacom and telenet should make checks now and than to control if the firms-people that do the installations for them do them in a secure way to cut out those that don't take the time to secure the connection


afterwards it is their client that are being used and feel cheated and not everybody that takes digital tv knows that the pc wireless connections has to be set up with a minimum of security (wep encryption and mac-addresses)



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