playing hide and seek with the copyright defenders

for hunt for downloaders and sharers has begun, so take guard


this article explains how the RIAA and other copyright defenders are tracking downloaders and sharers and getting them to court.



the discussion about this article shows that


- the private encrypted new p2P networks are slow, poor of files and not easy (or still in beta)


- peergardian doesn't protect against the tracking of the file, only against the ip adresses of them visiting your computer or shared files (not against following the files you download to your computer)


so if somebody says it is all simple and without any risk, this is not the case at all


reminder : do not share your mydocuments or c disk to increase your speed on P2P networks where access and speed depends on the number of files you share

and do not download without an antivirus and firewall (www.securingit.tk for free)

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