privacy fears surrounding more and more Google

Google is the biggest and fastest growing search machine that until now has know how to keep the hype and the modern image going around, but that is slowly but steadily showing that is a real commercial firm with commercial interests and that these interests are datamining and datacollection. Only those data are about us and other searches, interest and webuse and that makes it all the more sensitive.


In a study by cnet about the privacy policies of search engines Google was one of the worst offenders in defending and respecting the privacy of its users.



apart from cleaning your cache, your temp, your cookies and whatever or using anonymous proxies you can use this bookmarklet to help you http://www.imilly.com/google-cookie.htm

or use a search machine that has a good privacy policy even if it uses Google in the background (www.aol.com) or a search engine that is privacy correct an sich



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