the underground of botnets still alive and kicking

1. a ppt introduction about botnets nowadays http://vascan.org/docs/Fall%20Conf/Randy%20Marchany--BOTN...


2. Recent denial of service attacks are mounted by professionals using Botnets of tens of thousands of compromised machines. To circumvent detection, attackers are increasingly moving away from bandwidth floods to attacks that mimic the Web browsing behavior of a large number of clients, and target expensive higher-layer resources such as CPU, database and disk bandwidth. The resulting attacks are hard to defend against using standard techniques, as the malicious requests differ from the legitimate ones in intent but not in content.

We present the design and implementation of Kill-Bots, a kernel extension to protect Web servers against DDoS attacks that masquerade as flash crowds. Kill-Bots provides authentication using graphical tests but is different from other systems that use graphical tests



3. the botnet expansion and time-zones, indications for new respons-strategies



4. Worms and botnets will continue in an IPV6 environment (did you think otherwise ?)



about botnets

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