not apple but unsafe standard settings are at fault

Apple has migrated to Intel and the code of the Apple OS has been leaked on the Internet, so the onslaught has begun (the first worms, the first exploits and so on). It is in this new environment that Apple will have to rethink its standard security settings. Apple was safe until now because nobody bothered making viruses or exploits for Apple. Now Apple is moving into intel-territory hoping to silently cash into the wild wild west environment of the windows-linux world with its easy and 'safe' OS.

The problem is that they didn't need to rethink every setting in their OS and software securitywise and if they did, the risks were so minimal that making it easy for its users was far more important. This is the present weakness of the Mac OS and software as it seems and I wouldn't be surprised if more will be coming its way. It is as if you were living in a neighborhood in which nobody locks its doors and now they murdered and raped two neighbours.....


This is the history between the stupid exploit (http://secunia.com/advisories/18963) by which a renamed file-virus is seen by the safari browser as a safe file by its extension and downloaded and opened as such (and infected). http://www.macworld.com/news/2006/02/21/safari/index.php


If this is coupled with the viruses that are being developed for Macintosh, you have the distribution, the opportunity and the virus.


this advice is totally stupid

“Apple takes security very seriously,” said an Apple spokesman. “We’re working on a fix so that this doesn’t become something that could affect customers. Apple always advises Mac users to only accept files from vendors and Web sites that they know and trust.” 

as is this http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=108009

If microsoft would publish b....t like this, they would be sent before court for gross incompetence and maladvicing their users and for financial loss.

Saying that is 'advisable' to use antivirus software and not totally and always necessary is plain stupid.


test your safari system here





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