need proof to block freetime surfing at work ?

You can tell over and over again that spyware and viruses will find it easier to install in a network with handsoff websurfing rules than in those where the use of the internet is restricted, the more that the way to install things as adware, spyware, trojans and exploits on computers goes in live, behind or in normal downloads and not seperated or distinctive.



The have studied the internetzones that were the most dangerous for surfers to go on to (or where you have to put all your defenses up and have updated all your software you are going to use) and even if the situation have ameliorated since last year, the number of drive by downloads is to be found mostly in the gaming sites.


" One in five of gaming site hosted spyware, said Levy and Gribble, the highest percentage of any neighborhood. Music placed second on the shame list, with 11.4 percent of domains infected (about one in nine).

Internet districts such as news and kids, meanwhile, were much safer. No infected news domains were spotted by Levy and Gribble, and only 1.6 percent of kids' sites hosted spyware.

Other data, however, pointed to additional risky neighborhoods. More than one in ten executable files found on adult sites, for instance, were spyware-infected. Ditto for sites offering wallpaper (and screensaver) executable files. But the worst locale, as measured by infected executables, was gaming, where 16.3 percent of the files were plagued with spyware"




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