you should know when pages change of your site - if it is hacked

a whole series of belgian sites have been hacked again over the weekend

windows 2000 and they had a new page added broken.txt

look at http://www.zone-h.org/en/defacements/filter/filter_domain...

and most of these sites still have the page up today

they probably don't know something has changed

they should

www.jazzonaut.be, www.marktrock.be, www.muziekfestivals.be, and more than 20 more


the islamic cartoon online war has found a victim on some belgian site of which the site of  the brussels minister francoisedupuis.be  seems the most impressive (turkish music will play) http://www.zone-h.org/defacements/mirror/id=3364850/  - The french liberal MR had also a open source forum hacked over the weekend http://www.zone-h.org/defacements/mirror/id=3364672/

so will somebody start to wake up and tell the turkish government that this has to stop - period.


funny defacement of a belgian pc support site (linux, php) is that under the page you will the text Hacked TURKU99  http://www.supportpc.be/

they didn't know their page was changed

they should

just as the scouts of Beringen will remember the hackers visit





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