block the safe havens for hackers (turkye, Romenia,....)

just block for your hosts or clients any country they don('t want to do any business with or send people from those countries to another version of the websites (behind a proxy or stricter rules or more static)

read how to do it



online check ip location http://www.phptutorial.info/iptocountry/index.php

or install it yourself  http://www.phptutorial.info/iptocountry/the_script.html


another free ip geo location service



another online guide and database to download http://ip.ludost.net/


and another free tool  http://www.ip-2-country.com/


and how to do it with IIS  htt access





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you should know when pages change of your site - if it is hacked

a whole series of belgian sites have been hacked again over the weekend

windows 2000 and they had a new page added broken.txt

look at http://www.zone-h.org/en/defacements/filter/filter_domain...

and most of these sites still have the page up today

they probably don't know something has changed

they should

www.jazzonaut.be, www.marktrock.be, www.muziekfestivals.be, and more than 20 more


the islamic cartoon online war has found a victim on some belgian site of which the site of  the brussels minister francoisedupuis.be  seems the most impressive (turkish music will play) http://www.zone-h.org/defacements/mirror/id=3364850/  - The french liberal MR had also a open source forum hacked over the weekend http://www.zone-h.org/defacements/mirror/id=3364672/

so will somebody start to wake up and tell the turkish government that this has to stop - period.


funny defacement of a belgian pc support site (linux, php) is that under the page you will the text Hacked TURKU99  http://www.supportpc.be/

they didn't know their page was changed

they should

just as the scouts of Beringen will remember the hackers visit





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European Union obliges ISP's to keep customer data for 2 years

from august 2007 the member states of the EU will have to oblige their ISP's to keep all their data about their telecommunications for 2 years.

This will be an enormous investment for the telecommunication industry - not only the hosting, but also the security and the administrative and legal process of reaching agreement with police authorities without making the information worthless in court


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re-organised links to 250 rss feeds at bloglines



to serve you better

know some other interesting ones ?

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data security firm mc afee loses Human resource information

Thousands of McAfee employees, both American and Canadian are at risk this week as unencrypted data about them was lost by an external auditor.

The announcement was made yesterday, although the actual loss occurred December 15th when a Deloitte & Touche employee left an unencrypted backup CD in an airline seat pocket. The CD held personal information about 6,000 former McAfee employees as well as all of the current staff in the US and Canadian regions.

Information that may have been on the disc includes names, Social Security numbers and details on any McAfee stock the individual may have. Credit reporting services have been arranged for those affected, and no reports of the information being used have been received



maybe they should use what they sell and to what they teach

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hosting firm hosts biggest edonkey server



It hosted one of Edonkey's most widely used indexes of pirated copies of movies, games, TV programmes, music tracks and software.


comment  and the firm didn't know ...... of course

they had a legal disclaimer, but did they care ?

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need proof to block freetime surfing at work ?

You can tell over and over again that spyware and viruses will find it easier to install in a network with handsoff websurfing rules than in those where the use of the internet is restricted, the more that the way to install things as adware, spyware, trojans and exploits on computers goes in live, behind or in normal downloads and not seperated or distinctive.



The have studied the internetzones that were the most dangerous for surfers to go on to (or where you have to put all your defenses up and have updated all your software you are going to use) and even if the situation have ameliorated since last year, the number of drive by downloads is to be found mostly in the gaming sites.


" One in five of gaming site hosted spyware, said Levy and Gribble, the highest percentage of any neighborhood. Music placed second on the shame list, with 11.4 percent of domains infected (about one in nine).

Internet districts such as news and kids, meanwhile, were much safer. No infected news domains were spotted by Levy and Gribble, and only 1.6 percent of kids' sites hosted spyware.

Other data, however, pointed to additional risky neighborhoods. More than one in ten executable files found on adult sites, for instance, were spyware-infected. Ditto for sites offering wallpaper (and screensaver) executable files. But the worst locale, as measured by infected executables, was gaming, where 16.3 percent of the files were plagued with spyware"




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