Forum website De Decker populated by rightwing extremists

Jean Marie Dedecker is a popular liberal hard right wing socialist eating bulldog from the liberal party VLD in Flanders (which is a in my eyes a fascist party with about 1 million votes, vlaams belang).

So it is to nobody's surprise that  he wants to be on speakingterms with those guys and he tells so on his website, his speeches and in his book. As a good liberal he has also a forum on his website without much moderation so anybody can write whatever he or she wants.

The problem is that the website of one of the most popular rightwing bulldogs is - intentionally or not - becoming a forum of really rightwing fascists and racists.

So now it is the time for DeDecker to show his real nature. Will he clean up his forum or just let the best organised take over his forum. If you look around what happened elsewhere on the flemish political web, it is easy to predict the outcome if he doesn't clean up. Or it is intentionally and he is just the hidden campaigner for the rightwing extremist neo fascist party and not for the liberal party. Bulldogs über alles.

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