Enfluenza the scare mongering report

"This paper explores the implications of a pandemic influenze outbreak on the global economy through a range of scenarios (mild, moderate, severe, and ultra) that span the historical experience of influenza pandemics of the twentieth century. An influenze pandemic would be expected to lead to: a fall in the labour force to different degrees in different countries due to a rise in mortality and illness; an increase in the cost of doing business; a shift in consumer preferences away from exposed sectors; and a re-evealuation of country risk as investors observe the responses of governments. The paper finds that even a mild pandemic has significant consequences for global economic output. The mild scenario is estimated to cost the world 1.4 million lives and close to 0.8% of GDP (approximately $US330 billion) in lost economic output. As the scale of the pandemic increases, so do the economic costs. A massive global economic slowdown occurs in the "ultra" scenario with over 142.2 million people killed and a GDP loss of $US4.4 trillion. The composition of the slowdown differs sharply accross countries with a major shift of global capital from the affected economies to the less affected safe haven economies of North America and Europe."


let's forget the millions dying each year because of aids, hunger and just because there is no clean water. just concentrate on some chickens.

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