reading about broadband policy

A. Source: Christopher Yoo, Vanderbilt Law School Professor
Promoting Broadband Through Network Diversity (PDF; 184 KB)
"(M)y analysis suggests that public policy might be better served if policymakers were instead to embrace network diversity. Doing so would permit end users to enjoy the benefits of product variety. Network diversity also has the potential to mitigate the supply-side and demand-side scale economies that concentrate telecommunications markets and to make it easier for multiple networks to coexist. The more restrained approach inherent in network diversity is also more consistent with the current understanding of the institutional capabilities of courts and agencies. It also accommodates technological dynamism and humility by providing maximum room for experimentation and development. This is not to say that policymakers should reject network neutrality once and for all. What is called for is a sense of balance and optimality that can adjust with the circumstances. But in the face of technological uncertainty, the more appropriate and humble approach would appear to favor forbearing from mandating any particular architecture."


note : policymakers should organize competition and make room for new and better technologies to expand next to existing ones to optimize the distribution of network access



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