reading about impact of ICT investment in regions

Information Technology--Employee Migration--Georgia
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
The Push-Pull Effects of the Information Technology Boom and Bust: Insight from Matched Employer-Employee Data
"This paper examines the inflow and outflow of workers to different industries in Georgia during the information technology (IT) boom of the 1990s and the subsequent bust. Workers in the software and computer services industry were much more likely to have been absent from the Georgia workforce prior to the boom but were no more likely than workers from other industries to have exited the workforce during the bust. Consequently, the Georgia workforce likely experienced a net gain in worker human capital as a result of being an area of concentration of IT-producing activity during the IT boom."
Full Paper (PDF; 245 KB)


it means that even when the ICT companies go (offshore or bust) it gives the region much more leaverage to attract other investment because of a better workforce so at the long term a region always wins by going the extra mile to attract ICT investment

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