what is next for ICT in education

The NMC's Emerging Technologies Initiative focuses on expanding the boundaries of teaching, learning and creative expression by creatively applying new tools in new contexts. The Horizon Project, the centerpiece of this initiative, charts the landscape of emerging technologies and produces the NMC's annual Horizon Report. The 2006 Horizon Report is now available. The 2006 edition is a collaboration between The New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI), an EDUCAUSE program. The 2006 Horizon Report, just as has been the case with previous editions of the report, highlights six technologies that the underlying research suggests will become very important to higher education over the next one to five years



we can already be happy to have some stupid desktops working as they should seeing the dare state of the hardware, the lack of support and upgrading and investment by our governments. If you want your kid to be ICT minded, do it yourself.

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