netneutrality for who


Net neutrality is a concept embodied as part of the “Internet Nondiscrimination Act of 2006?, recently introduced in Congress by Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon. Put simply, “net neutrality” means that telephone and cable companies and other Internet traffic providers would be legally required to turn a blind eye to the fact that Internet content providers and other huge Internet-based businesses, such as Yahoo and Google, consume an enormous amount of costly bandwidth. They would not be allowed to charge them for the Internet bandwidth that they eat. At least, they would not be allowed to charge them differently."


So who will profit and who will lose ? This is the question. Starting this discussion is opening a whole earth of worms. Why should the world pay for American Internettraffic and why should all these agreements between networkproviders still be more or less free.

*In an enterprise network it is quite easy because all traffic that is not work-related is a costfactor and can be blocked, point final. In the private world who will decide which is normal use and which is excessive use that has an negative impact on other users.

*Maybe the networkproviders just want a dividend from these big internetportals making all those billions while they are hardly making any money. Maybe those big portals should put some money in a central fund to invest in the central internet infrastructure. Maybe the networkproviders are pissed off that Google wants to launch their own free wireless network.

But surely at the end we should be sure that we, the small customers shouldn't get f..... as the easiest victim in this battle. This has already begun with VOIP traffic

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