Users of Tele2 use hackable modems

First it was not enough that Tele2 had the general access code published on the internet for the standard of the machine, but even more it says that if users change something on the standard interface they will lose their guarantee. But you need to change things in the interface if you want to defend yourself against hacking from the outside or if you want to refuse access to p2P (your kids) or IRC (your virus)

http://nlcc.skynetblogs.be/?date=20060305&number=102&... flemish  5 Mars


also the national vulnerability database issued the 28th of february a highest alert level for these modems because an outside hacker could add new users without authentification and that wouldn't be so easy to delete.

http://nvd.nist.gov/nvd.cfm?cvename=CVE-2006-0947 and the exploits are indicated on this page. a patch not.

well, is this in accordance with the new belgian telecommunication law or not (art 114 - art 115) or is Tele2 just letting their users (and the belgian network) being hacked to pieces. Do not shoot the pianist.

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