International Internet situation NOW dangerous

There are some security vulnerabilities that have been found in Internet Explorer which gives the person who has put some code on a website that would - if you didn't put your internet connections on high security - anycode on your computer.


there is NO PATCH

The code for attacking your computer is ON THE WEB




You should A. Only surf to site that you can ABSOLUTELY TRUST

B. REFUSE all downloads (and P2P) or attachments for the moment

C. Put your Internet Explorer in High Security and have as little trust as possible.



This is as always - your best defense.

Open mail on Yahoo, skynet or google, hotmail  not on your computer

Do not click on links in emails and chat

Have a free firewall www.zonealarm.com

Have a free antivirus  www.avg.com

For more free security stuff see www.securingit.tk

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