website I made and I had forgotten about

just cruising through my old mails and yeah the provider is still up and my site also


- you will find the frontpage of the famous belgian viruswriter who was the first to write a .net virus and got indicted but not yet convicted for it (made a copy of it while it was still there just to keep the links to her online chatbox online so she knows that we didn't forget here). She didn't distribute viruses, she wrote them. Today we would call them proof of concept. Hopefully she has a corporate job now earning big bugs for what she did best (not believing any shit about anyone telling that code is and will always be safe)


- you will find pages of links and information about google and other things, haven't checked the links out


http://funky.100megsfree5.com   en het meeste is wel in het vlaams (dutch)

the english version is at http://www.securingit.tk

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