Ok there will be no patch for the coming 2 Weeks as we understand from Microsoft. The number of sites that are using this exploit to install bots and spyware on machines is increasing each day. If your network has no urlfilter that is has a category infected sites than you should buy one, or go from 'everybody to anywhere' to just a limited trusted whitelist for the coming days. Many firms are just stopping all internetconnections except whitelisted sites. The cost and risk is becoming too high and you are there to work no ?


So as a simple costumer are you going what can you do

install this free and good antispyware and in the advanced mode you put on all defenses (no BHO, alarms before activex, alarms before downloads and so on) This is the only way if you are surfing or opening html mail or attachments in chatboxes.


www.safer-networking.org/  spybot search and destroy  many languages

do not forget use the advanced mode and block everything or check everything - period



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hi will you join us ?

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