Ok there will be no patch for the coming 2 Weeks as we understand from Microsoft. The number of sites that are using this exploit to install bots and spyware on machines is increasing each day. If your network has no urlfilter that is has a category infected sites than you should buy one, or go from 'everybody to anywhere' to just a limited trusted whitelist for the coming days. Many firms are just stopping all internetconnections except whitelisted sites. The cost and risk is becoming too high and you are there to work no ?


So as a simple costumer are you going what can you do

install this free and good antispyware and in the advanced mode you put on all defenses (no BHO, alarms before activex, alarms before downloads and so on) This is the only way if you are surfing or opening html mail or attachments in chatboxes.


www.safer-networking.org/  spybot search and destroy  many languages

do not forget use the advanced mode and block everything or check everything - period



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website I made and I had forgotten about

just cruising through my old mails and yeah the provider is still up and my site also


- you will find the frontpage of the famous belgian viruswriter who was the first to write a .net virus and got indicted but not yet convicted for it (made a copy of it while it was still there just to keep the links to her online chatbox online so she knows that we didn't forget here). She didn't distribute viruses, she wrote them. Today we would call them proof of concept. Hopefully she has a corporate job now earning big bugs for what she did best (not believing any shit about anyone telling that code is and will always be safe)


- you will find pages of links and information about google and other things, haven't checked the links out


http://funky.100megsfree5.com   en het meeste is wel in het vlaams (dutch)

the english version is at http://www.securingit.tk

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chinese propose wireless security standard with a backdoor

A document from the IEEE 802.11 Working Group indicates that
resistance to incorporating WAPI into an international wireless LAN
standard has grown amid concerns about secrecy, namely the use of an
undisclosed algorithm in the protocol.


it was voted down in the working group, but so what the chinese do whatever they want and in their billion prisoner country they will surely set this as their standard and will companies do what the chinese government dictates or not.....

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wikipedia is not brittanica

Nature has published a badly researched and inaccurate article about wikipedia stating that it is as good as wikipedia.

But by reading the article this kind of poorly written and researched articles would more easily find its place on wikipedia than have any chance of pasing the editorial controls of Brittannica.


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japan hit by P2P worm

and the use of the japanese P2P network by portables that are used in the office and at home increases the spreading of the worm
think official portables will be more restricted in their use afterwards....

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one of those dangerous weekends I hate

realplayer with bugs, patch

IE with bugs no patch and exploit

Sendmails open to openrelay to bugs, patch

several opensource content managers (mambo) buggy and attacked

1 million pc infected with phishing virus


if this doesn't convince you to invest in security of your network and protection of your data, than what will

free security information and tools  www.securingit.tk

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International Internet situation NOW dangerous

There are some security vulnerabilities that have been found in Internet Explorer which gives the person who has put some code on a website that would - if you didn't put your internet connections on high security - anycode on your computer.


there is NO PATCH

The code for attacking your computer is ON THE WEB




You should A. Only surf to site that you can ABSOLUTELY TRUST

B. REFUSE all downloads (and P2P) or attachments for the moment

C. Put your Internet Explorer in High Security and have as little trust as possible.



This is as always - your best defense.

Open mail on Yahoo, skynet or google, hotmail  not on your computer

Do not click on links in emails and chat

Have a free firewall www.zonealarm.com

Have a free antivirus  www.avg.com

For more free security stuff see www.securingit.tk

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