belgium.be typosquatted

Domain: sedoparking.com
    Owner: Sedo
    Redirected from 4 domains:
        belgimu.be -  beligum.be -    bellgium.be -    brlgium.be


Domain: casalemedia.com
    Owner: Casale Media   (spyware)
    Redirected from 2 domains:
        begium.be    belgum.be


Domain: goggle.com.hk
    Redirected from 1 domains:


Domain: allopass.com  (porno)
    Redirected from 1 domains:


and a whole list more

and this is the same for belgique.be, brussels.be, belgie.be, bruxelles.be and so on and it is always with more or less the same domain parking sites and advertising

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