Make wireless connections secure by law

New York's Westchester County has enacted a law designed to limit identity theft by forcing local businesses to install basic security measures for any wireless network that stores customers' credit card numbers or other financial information.

The law also requires that businesses offering Internet access -- coffeehouses and hotels, for example -- post signs warning that users should have firewalls or other security measures.

As he signed the bill, County Executive Andrew Spano said the county had been unable to find any law like it in the country and had received inquiries about the legislation from other states and from Great Britain, South Korea and the Czech Republic.



Not from Belgium at this moment as Belgacom and Telenet are installing thousands of wireless connections monthly and of which wardrivers say many aren't secure.

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WIFI I would prefer to let my WIFI completely open for anyone to use it. I can secure my servers seperately, whithout having to rely on the encryption of my WIFI connection.

Why would I prefer to let my WIFI completely open? Because I want other people to do the same thing, so that I can use free WIFI whereever I am.

The only reason why I don't do it, is because I would be held responsible for illegal use that others would make using my WIFI connection.

So instead of a law that forces people to encrypt their WIFI connection, I would prefer a law that encourages people to put their WIFI connection open, so that wireless connectivity becomes a free commodity.

You are aware that a law like the one in Westchester County benefits the big wireless telecom companies, aren't you?

Gepost door: Luc Van Braekel | 24-04-06

answer The law that I mentioned was for people and institutions working with financial and private information.

But yes, there is a difference between a public or open hot spot (private or open for which each would be responsable for its own actions and agree to be logged for such purpose) and wireless connections in other networks that can be used to collect data or intrude in such networks.

Gepost door: len | 25-04-06

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