typosquatting belgian DNS is irresponsable

Dns.be says in a reaction to the article published in De Morgen based on research published here and given exclusively untill publication to De Morgen (journalists who want such material can also contact me) that it doesn't want to play 'policeman'. This is to say that you give ownership to a virtual name without any controls that you use in the real world before according a name to a business. This is typical of the way business and security is done online (wild wild west) but is neither professional nor good for business building. In the real world you can't call your firm belgacoom for example.


It is even more irresponsable because domainnames from governmental institutions and portals that should be very well protected because they are used by many people who don't have the proper knowledge or protections to handle such situations or the consequences aren't protected.


So DNS.be is a guardian who doesn't guard, it is just someone receiving money for their monopoly without any obligation or responsability. A capitalist dream.


What should they do ? First they should make a list of all the important domainnames of public institutions and important private firms for which there would be typosquatting defense. Secondly they should block all free domainnames that were given until january and that are used as typosquatting for the simple reason that they are in contradiction with their own rules. Thirdly they should present and implement a simple procedure to stop any site that is typosquatting. Fourth they should mention typosquatting as a explicit reason for transferring the domainnames. Fifth they should engage people that would oversee and control the domain .be for such issues so they can act pro-actively.


No monopoly without responsability.

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typosquatting, ethics and the law Hi Len, I read the article on typosquatting in De Morgen and arrived at your weblog.

My first question is: which law makes typosquatting illegal? After all, it is the user that makes an error in the first place.

My second question is: if a typosquatter would put an announcement with a link on his page: "if you are looking for FGOV.BE, click here", and for the rest he would fill that page with all kinds of advertisements, would you consider that to be illegal or unethical?

Gepost door: Luc Van Braekel | 24-04-06

answers It is a totally different discussion. THis is the same discussion about the responsabilities of the ISP (art 114-115 of the New Telecomlaw, see also my blog that campaigned for such http://manifest.skynetblogs.be) that now have responsabilities to protect their users against viruses and spam. Well a public service like DNS should protect its users against the most obvious forms of squatting in its own domain. Not because it is illegal in the pure sense of the word, but because it is its public duty. Just as the water company cleans the water (do not misunderstand, porn sites and so on that don't do any squatting have no problem with me)

Gepost door: len | 25-04-06

Tool for detecting typosquatters Speaking about typosquatters, here is a free website that detects whether your site has been typosquattered


Here is what you need to do:

1. Type your company domain name into the input field below
2. Choose the root domain from the drop down list below
3. Choose the types of typos you want to be investigated
4. Click “Search” and wait for a while

The system will generate the list of possible typos and misprints and tell you whether any domain names using these typos are already taken by other people.

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