will the parliament act on the .be domain

Reactions from parliamentarians are coming in, telling me that they understand the problem and their specialists will look into the problem and see what can be done.


The question is if our domainname is a public good that has to be guarded and protected as such for the good of the public interest or if it is just a commercial product. If it is a public good, than it has to be administrated by public officials that are responsable and that are accountable to our elected officials.


If it is a private good, it has to be attributed to a private firm which has to be guarded by SLA, rules and oversight and has to have a good framework for any problem its users can have with our .be domain.


Now it is neither. Even if it has a monopoly, the parliament has no oversight and they don't have to re-introduce a demand to prolong their monopoly and they aren't really governed by a SLA and the users don't really have any power over this obscur organisation. www.dns.be


I don't have a preference. I just want that our domain name .be will be safe2.be and that the belgian surfers can surf quite safely on our domain and that typosquatters and spyware and so on will be removed when found. A safehaven. There is even a huge market potential for it.

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