dns.be is making lawyers very rich.....

In 2005 before the start of this free .be domain madness campaign, the responsable minister for this issue, answered a question in the parliament about typosquatting.



The minister declares here that this is against the law in Belgium (26 june 2003) but there is no penalty foreseen in this law. That is why the Administration has done no research and no prosecution and that no-one has filed a complaint either.

He says that there is no other choice than to go to the WIPO or use the arbitration that Cepina has set up together with dns.be


that is how it is done http://www.cepina.be/NL/default.aspx?PId=24
that are the few that have done it http://www.cepina.be/NL/default.aspx?PId=134  and this is the reason why (high cost)

1 tot 5 1.620,00 EUR
6 tot 10 2.110,00 EUR
meer dan 10 in overleg met CEPINA te bepalen 

De administratieve kosten van CEPINA zijn begrepen in deze bedragen. Deze administratieve kosten zijn aan de BTW onderworpen.


So lets recap. A belgian domainname was free (up to 10 for each person) and can be parked freely on a several domainparking services for this type of squatting. The legal owner of the domainname will have to pay thousands of euro's to get the transfer of all these typosquatted domainnames ?


Sue dns.be for irresponsability would be better


the typosquatting wiki  http://itsecurity.pbwiki.com  (a very nice free wikihost)



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