domainresellers trying to sell typosquatted domains they got free

sells typosquatted .be domains


One example of clearly illegal typosquatting is that can be used for phishing http://www.citbank.be  that is hosted at of nucleus.be


This is a direct violation of the belgian law on domainnames. As nucleus.be is a belgian firm and domeinenbank.nl a dutch one, they could be prosecuted, but the law has no punishment foreseen (the american has).


But maybe they should loose their license to sell and host belgian domainnames, shouldn't that be an administrative 'clean up your own mess' punishment that dns.be could take


And http://www.pandor.be/  ( that also hosts a number of belgian typosquatted domainnames is in fact oversee.net
with the already well known pop up casalemedia.com, information.com, revenue.net  and they do in fact some msn.be typosquatting

As a belgian domainname used for redirecting typosquatted domainnames they are in my view in contradiction with belgian law.


And what will combell.be do with the following situation.

Their free pages are hosting (what is in a word) a certain number of domains are sites that are clearly against belgian domainlaw like eebay.be and msen.be
Maybe they should disactivate them

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