hosting-it gedefaced and clients pages gone

The 3d of June hosting-it.be was defaced and also all her clients, as proven by www.zone-h.org. Many of those sites are today not reset again. The linux servers were probably used for shared hosting, which shows again that shared hosting is not an option if you are in serious business.


It shows that it is necessary for hosting firms to start investing as much as their american counterparts in security or to build castles of security together with other online services, ISP's or interested services. The time that one could take a server, set it up and sell hosting space should be finished and it is time that there are necessary standards for being able to host a belgian site. Dns.be can in that fact refuse to transfer the host of the domainname if the hoster does not meet certain security conditions.


If one thought that I was only after the ISP's and dns.be one is wrong


More information about the Turkish hackers campaign against belgian sites can be found here  http://hackedsites.pbwiki.com


proof (today)



btw there is no news about that on their frontpage, so a legal obligation to make such incidents public should apply.

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