Jm Dedecker closed his extreme rightwing hijacked forum

Jm Dedecker is a fervent antisocialist rightwing liberal which is in my view far too friendly with the extreme right in this country, but this is his choice.


The problem I had was that on his popular website from this popular politician he had placed an open forum. And this forum was becoming the most racist, rightwing forum on the belgian net, under the umbrella of a website of an elected senator from a governmental party..... So we mailed this around. http://ekz.skynetblogs.be/?date=20060311&number=775&a...


Now we see that he has replaced this open forum with a list of some reactions (although mostly very rightwing) and without the graphics. The most outrageous comments have been deleted and the dynamics of the forum are gone and he can now filter is he wants to (although he doesn't for the time being). The result is that the number of comments have slowed down enormously.


The rightwing extremists are now looking elsewhere to attack and take over a forum or discussion under the disguise of  'popular sentiment".


Open blogs and forums like those from Knack will fall victim.



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