a new extension for flemish extremists ? .vl



As some regions want their own internet extension to show how independent they are (which will change nothing if the rest of the world won't go along and all the ISP's don't change their DNS servers to accept these extensions) the flemish extremists want their own flemish independent internetdomain .vl


A stupid idea technically spoken. But what do they know about such things ?


It would be much wiser to get language extensions in the belgian .be domain so you would know if you would arrive at flemish, french, german or international english pages


so it would be that flemish pages would be for example


and french pages


and so on


technically this would be much easier to accomplish as it would only be virtual subdomains that are made and that direct immediately to the pages in the specific language


it is a system that also would be of interest of other multilangual states



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