freya, knack emateurs continue to post the comments online

Knack said they took the blogarticle and the pdf of the thesis offline (but the comments are still on their website - and many of them are just anonymous slander)



what is also interesting throughout the comments is that they tried after some time blocking some comments by IP after the pro-freya bloggers came into action, but it didn't help (and was not mentioned somewhere that they were beginning to block or time-out certain IP addresses)


So they are really emateurists, amateurs trying to look like online professionals

because you can't let those comments on your own server online, even if it is just to read, because it is being published in a serious environment and it supposes that you agree more or less with what is being said - because you don't filter anything


Another lesson is to shut up if you don't dare do something http://www.elvisdragsbutter.com/Thesis_(al_dan_niet_van)_... does not work. He braggs in the comments that he will continue to have the thesis of Freya online even if Knack takes it down. He doesn't. It is gone. What a hero, even on a Russian server on which you can't take anything down - except by own choice.


at the other side what is also interesting  is to notice that public radio and other socalled news organisations organise forums about pseudo-news like this making themselves vulnerable to organised attacks and blogging wars

Aren't there any other serious subjects to talk about http://www.rvi.be/VRTForum/thread.jspa?threadID=16753&...


A dangereous by-effect from this scandal is that people will have to think twice before depositing their end works online



Under these circumstances I wouldn't do it if you are thinking of a career in the public eye. Your thesis at 22 years old may haunt you back when you are at the height of your career when you are 45 (and much smarter....)


This service should organize something more anonymous without denying the copyrights. They do not seem to work with the common criteria, which is a pitty.

(and the legal aspect is far from defined anyway)

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