the Identity theft crisis to come in belgium

In one to 2 years everybody in belgium will have a digital ID card (with a chip on and so on). Even our kids will receive such a card. The dogs have chips implanted.

Recently the belgian government announced that they will integrate the social security card and the digital ID card in one.

First they say that we don't have to worry because you will need 2 cards to have a total identity of someone. Than they do just the opposite.

On paper it seems like logical, but the papers are built upon too many suppositions.They suppose that the internal servers of the different servers of the social security network of databases are all seperately secured and that you can't get access to another if you have already access to one. They suppose that the networks and the network operators are also trained security operators led by professional IT security managers who know what they talk about and have the authority to block and refuse operations that may endanger our personal data. They suppose that this is all tested by independent consultants. They suppose that all the necessary investments in security installations have been done by all the parts of the network of databases.....

would any parliamentarian dare to ask a really independent hacker-proof audit of all the parts of the networks that would be used ?

The most important bit is that there is not one procedure in place to help victims of id theft and there is no real legal way to oblige businesses and administrations to control the real identiy. The victims will have to run to tens of administrations and businesses to block anything that may be done by the other 'same person'

So how do you do it ? Make a copy and leave the original at home in your safe ? No, because in Belgium you are obliged by law to always have your ID card with you and your social security card which will be the same is necessary to be taken to a hospital or buy medicines.

Maybe someone has heard that ID theft (see subject privacy in the links) is a problem in the States and will have the idea that maybe we should have a look at why they are doing exactly the reverse thing that they want to do. In the US the idea is that social security information and identity card has to be seperated to limit the effects of id theft and stop the plague they are having right now.


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