Will the record industry attack your hardware if you use or download media files without paying

http://eff.org/  In 2006 the entertainment industry asked the government to give it incredible new powers -- the broadcast flag, digital radio restrictions, and control over all analog-to-digital devices. But in the future, those super powers will become the Corruptibles, three villains that invade your home, break your devices, and stop legitimate uses. http://techlawadvisor.com/2006/06/13/the_corruptibles.html


A small taste of it are the rootkits of Sony (on its CD's), the malware destroying all multimediafiles on computers connected to P2P networks and the blocking signals send out by satellite networks to hacked cards sattelite receivers. The hacking war against torrent and fileservers online is another example.


link to this article http://ekz.skynetblogs.be/?date=20060629&number=792&a...

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